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Loris Buratti is a brand built on the underground current. The brand is based on the concept of high quality materials mixed with subversive culture and modern craftsmanship.


Founded in Milan Loris Buratti combines influences from his education with his commitment to research for details, innovation and the desire to advance new ideas.

Focusing on craftsmanship and technique, the brand presents a collection of Streetwear for men and women who seek to combine the technical innovation necessary from prints with human emotion.


Lives in Milan, Loris Buratti, born in Rome have strong interest in the creative process of fashion has led Loris Buratti in a vast research and development in digital printing and garment construction and a greater philosophy in the world of fashion.


Tirelessly researching the best fabrics, following in detail all the Loris Buratti production uses high quality materials and creates its collections entirely in Italy favoring the made in Italy.

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